Discover 15 of the best American universities.


According to the Times Higher Education (THE) ranking, 40 higher education institutions in the United States are among the top 100 universities globally. Despite academic excellence, most of these institutions are little known in Brazil. So, let’s introduce some of these American universities and explain why your child should consider them when creating a college list ¹. Check it out below!


15 American Universities Your Child Should Consider When Assembling a College List

When we talk about higher education institutions in the United States, many Brazilians think of Ivy League universities. Few know that OPCO est will be renowned as Columbia, Harvard, and Princeton, for example. This is the case of the 15 higher education institutions listed below:

“Some common characteristics between these universities are academic quality, high-level faculty, large investments in research and the possibilities for students to have an extraordinary experience on campus, due to the structure these institutions offer”, explains Cristina Tavares, coordinator of the International Sector of the Colegio Passo.

These institutions also have some advantages relaçã the stop 15 US universities such as the Ivy League. “All are highly sought after, but the institutions that appear in the top positions in the rankings tend to be even more competitive, as they are world-famous,” says Ariel Setton, college counselor of the International Sector of Colegio Passo S ão Paulo.

“ém of bigger admission fee, most universities that list also offer goofferortunities for financial aid for candidates, being very generous in offering scholarships to foreign students,” “added Tavares.


What should students evaluate when building the college list?

  1. Location

Although these 15 American universities have many advantages, students need to be aware of the particularities of each one. “T”e United States is a very large country, with excellent university options both in more urban environments and rural locations. In addition, there is the issue of regional diversity. If the candidate has any preference regarding the climate or culture of a region, this should be considered when choosing a higher education institution”, “points out Tavares.

Therefore, it is essential that students research the cities and states that host universities of interest. Check out the location of some of the best American universities below.


  1. Academic Opportunities

Applicants should also inform themselves about the academic opportunities and culture of each institution. “T” is a set of universities that are quite diverse, and each institution on this list has its peculiarities. For this reason, students should choose universities that have more to do with their personalities, interests, and goals”, “highlights Setton.

“Th” University of Notre Dame (UND) is concerned with offering a complete education, seeking to train people who will positively impact the world. Furthermore, one of the few instituiçõ s higher education understates that faith and ratio ã s complementary. Will, they have to be religious to study at university. Still, students are invited to question what moves the human spirituality throughout the ages”, “plans Gabriel Yes s, a former student of the College Step making major in Science Computaçã e minor in Theology.

“I ch”se to study at Vanderbilt University for its strength in Biomedicine. During my application ², I sought institutions that stood out in this area, which offered financial aid ³ for international students and did not have a restrictive curriculum. And Vanderbilt met all these requirements”, sh”res Pedro Seber, a former student at Colégio Passo majoring in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and minors in Computer Science and Management in Engineering.

“Some” universities tend to stand out in specific areas of knowledge. So before you apply for a place at one of them, a student must reflect on what I would like to live in the university environment to take advantage of this phase of the best possible, “said”Edmilson Motta, coordinator-general of Colé gio Stage.


  1. Campus life

The structures of these universities També m s ã the respons ables by these institutions are among the best of the United States and the world. Students can live, play sports and have contact with state-of-the-art laboratories and different cultures within the campuses.

“I’ve”I’ve studied compounds that can reduce the side effects caused by anticancer drugs, for example. Currently, I search the sums to the nanoparticle ículas to modulate the human immune system response against tumors, “expla” ns Seber.

“The C”Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) has several student organizations. I am the vice president of recruitment of a fraternity, I am part of an honor society for students with the best grades in my course, and I am the workshop coordinator of a volunteer club”, expl”ins Caio Augusto Araújo, a former student of Colégio Passo who majors in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, with minors in Art History and Machine Learning.

Victoria Lachac, a former student at Colégio Passo, says that laboratory activities were essential for choosing her major. “The Hu, “a Health course, has helped me to understand the pandemic caused by Covid-19. I learned about the relationship of this health crisis with others that occurred in the past, and I better understood the importance of governments for the population’s health. I also receive updated news about the disease through lectures given by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)“, which he e”lains a student at Emory University.

“I attended”ed a technical group that built a ca merely vacuum that recreating the Martian environment, and an honorary group of my department, which allowed me to do networking 4. I També m led v Aryans events to encourage students from lower-income to participate in university projects and to study engineering, which helped me understand the importance of including in the middle Akkad mico “explain” Cauê Borlina, a former student of the College Stage that he did a major in Aerospace Engineering and minor in Physics at the University of Michigan (UMich).


  1. Professional opportunities

Another point of atençã s will professional opportunities and networking four that these universities offer. “For sure”, UMich helped me get to where I am now. I researched my undergraduate course, including a summer course at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and an internship at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), where I investigated the work of a robot that is on Mars and a moon of Jú piter”, says “rlina, who is studying the Philosophy Doctor (Ph.D.) in Planetary Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

“In profile”sional terms, the American job market is very promising since several technology companies are in the country. And studying at CMU can be a big difference due to the importance of interdisciplinary education for this institution. With the advancement of science and technology, fields of study are more integrated than ever and tends INSTANCE is that there is an even greater intersection in the future, “said Ara”jo.

And, indeed, studying in an inspiring environment can make a difference in your future. “I chose “o study in the United States driven by the dream of studying at one of the best universities in the world, mainly due to the influence of the ex-students of the Stage who graduated from American educational institutions”, points”out Simões.


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