Harvard: best medical school in the world in 2021


Harvard University is always on the list of the best universities in the world. The institution is known for its excellent teaching and training professionals who stand out in their areas of expertise. The institution alone has already trained around 157 Nobel Prize winners, who recognize research, discoveries, and work impacting humanity. British consultancy QS released a ranking of the best courses around the world. In medicine, Harvard obtained the highest overall score, with 99.4. Thus, the institution has been considered the best medical school in the world

How to study at Harvard 

Because it is one of the best colleges globally, it is normal to want to have this training in the curriculum. Considered the dream of almost every student, Harvard developed a differentiated selection system, which evaluates the candidate’s grade and their experiences, passion, and differentials. If your dream is to study at Harvard, you will need to complete the following process: 

Standardized tests: it is a test of knowledge assessment, like Enem. They are known as ACT and SAT. These tests are focused on high school math, text interpretation, and grammar. The exams are held on different dates and locations around the world.

TOEFL: is an English proficiency test, demonstrating the student’s ability to speak, read and write in the language. 

Essays: it is a kind of essay in which the student talks about himself and his trajectory. It is one of the crucial points of the application (candidates’ admission process). The institution knows the student’s personality and discovers its differential and details that cannot be translated through its grades and school transcripts.

Interviews: this step can be carried out in Brazil or on the institution’s campus. Here the candidate is evaluated for his / her skills, mastery of the language, ability to formulate arguments, among other issues.

Letters of recommendation: there are at least three letters of recommendation that the candidate needs to send. It is important to choose people wisely, as eliminations are common at this stage. The charts must report their differentials and how they relate to career plans.

The applicant’s academic record is an extremely important factor. Extracurricular activities, volunteering, exchanges, involvement in different projects are factors evaluated by recruiters. 

How to study medicine at Harvard

It is important to note that the student does not enter a medical school when passing this selection process. Higher education in the USA is different from Brazil, and understanding this is fundamental. If he succeeds in all stages, the student starts to study at Harvard College. College courses last an average of four years and also graduate students in different fields. However, in the USA, a bachelor is not allowed to practice the profession. For that, it will be necessary to carry out a type of specialization. The exception to this rule is courses in engineering and architecture. At College, the student has access to more generic subjects and chooses an area to deepen at the end of the course. In other words, the faculty as we know it in Brazil, like the faculty of medicine and law, functions as a graduate school in the United States. The College aims to develop in the student the ability to carry out research and write differently. In specialization, he specializes in the field in which he will act. 

Therefore, if you want to study medicine at Harvard Medical School (HMS), you will need:

– Attend College or attend pre-med (“pre-doctor”), a course lasting between two and three years that prepares the student for the MCAT and encompasses the nine subjects charged in this exam.

– Achieve an excellent score in the MCAT, a kind of medical exam in the USA, considered one of the most difficult. 

– Undergo a thorough evaluation of your student history, counting extracurricular activities and volunteering, experience accompanying doctors trained in their routine in the profession, experience known as shadowing.

– Personal interview with the evaluation committee.

For foreigners, Harvard maintains an admission policy a little more friendly compared to other institutions. However, the process remains with a high level of difficulty, in addition to the high financial cost. One of the alternatives for those who dream of higher education abroad is to finish a medical course in Brazil and take a medical residency in the USA or even dedicate themselves to research or postgraduate course after their graduation and residency in Brazil. 

Interested in studying medicine in Brazil need to pass the traditional entrance exam of the educational institution or use the Enem grade to get the desired position. Students count on the help of programs such as SisuFies, and Prouni, which contribute to facilitate students’ access to medical school. 

The prestige of a university is a key factor in choosing where to study, and the rankings of the best universities are a good reference for making that decision. ARWU, CWUR, and QS are the three main university rankings worldwide, and it was on them that we used the selection of universities in this article.

The general indicators for determining the university’s academic quality include the level of internationalization of the institution, the academic reputation of the university and its staff, the quality of teaching, and the ratio between the number of students and the faculty. 

The best universities in the world

Harvard University

This renowned private university, located on the east coast of the United States, namely in Massachusetts, is ranked first in the CWUR and ARWU lists and is among the first three institutions in the QS ranking. 

This position is due to its excellence in teaching and research. The institution has 12 colleges and university schools, in addition to the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies. 

Several notable personalities studied at Harvard, including 161 Nobel Prize winners, 48 ​​Pulitzer Prize winners, 30 foreign heads of state, and eight American presidents, including Franklin Roosevelt and Barack Obama.

Stanford University 

The ARWU and QS rankings agree to grant Stanford University second place. The CWUR puts it in third place. Stanford is located in Palo Alto, California, the corporate epicenter in which some of the most important multinational companies in the world have emerged, such as Google, Hewlett Packard, and Xerox.

This private institution stands out for the quality of education and the importance of synthesizing teaching and research. It has 40 undergraduate and graduate academic departments, distributed among three traditional university schools and four professional schools for higher education programs in Law, Medicine, Education, and Business.

Among the institution’s professors are 22 Nobel Prizes, five Pulitzer Prizes, and 20 winners of the United States National Medal of Science. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT (the institution’s English name, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is among the top three universities in the CWUR and QS rankings. In fact, the QS ranking ranks it as the best university center in the world in 2019-2020.  

The reputation of this private institution is due to the quality of its teaching and research in different scientific areas, in Engineering and Economics

78 Nobel Prizes were formed at MIT, and several prominent personalities, such as astronaut Buzz Aldrin, one of the first humans to set foot on the Moon.

Cambridge University

The QS ranking places the University of Cambridge in seventh place, CWUR in fourth, and ARWU. It is the best university in the world outside the United States.

This public university has more than 100 academic departments, organized into six schools: Arts and Humanities; Biological Sciences; Clinical Medicine; Social Sciences; Physical Sciences and Technology.

Undoubtedly, the institution’s most notable alumnus was Stephen Hawking, who developed and led the university’s Center for Theoretical Cosmology. According to the classification of the QS ranking, Cambridge is also in the first position when it comes to the quality of the anatomy and physiology study programs.

Oxford University

Oxford University ranks fourth in the QS ranking, fifth in the CWUR, and seventh in the ARWU. Located in Oxford, this prestigious university is the oldest in the world among English-speaking institutions. 

It stands out for its teaching quality, practical programs, and contributions to the research area. Often competes with the University of Cambridge in the rankings and occupies the top position in anthropology, Archeology, English language, literature, and geography. The writer Oscar Wilde is among his illustrious alumni.

Princeton University 

Princeton University, located in New Jersey, appears in the top ten positions in the three international rankings. Its highest ranking is that of the ARWU list, which places it in sixth place.

The main areas of the prominence of this university are Social Sciences, Engineering, Biology and Biomedicine, and Information Sciences. Former US President Woodrow Wilson was a student at Princeton University, as were Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and former First Lady Michelle Obama.


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