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How to study medicine outside Brazil?

Studying medicine has never stopped being a big investment for the future. After all, health is the only good that without it, no other is possible. In addition to all the profession’s prestige, which with each passing year only conquers more and more fans and passionate about the career, studying medicine cannot be considered an easy task.

A good job market with great prestige in society all over the planet makes medical courses the most popular around the world, which makes the admission processes in the best schools even more selective.


Admission to Universities

Making an application to the best medical universities in the United States, for example, is an extremely competitive process.

School gradesMCAT scores, your Personal Statement, and the interview are all important aspects.

Your essays, or Essays, should reflect the intentionality of your profile. Presenting superior academic performance and participation in impressive extracurricular activities is not always sufficient.

You also need to demonstrate that you have the right kind of character required for this demanding profession; after all, it is the medical school investing in your career by accepting you.

What are Medical Schools?

Medical Schools function as if they were postgraduate schools conferring the title of Medical Doctor (MD) to those who win this journey.

This degree earned by those who chose to study medicine in the United States, for example, gives them as much respect as doctorate and Ph.D. degrees.

For example, in the United States, before you apply to a Medical School, you must already have a degree.

In other words, “pre-med” candidates as they are known to need to dedicate themselves doubly before becoming de facto doctors.

Human skills

The domain of sciences, including social sciences, is important. Practicing medicine requires that you have scientific knowledge, but it also requires that you have the ability to interact effectively with diverse people in sensitive situations.

Listening carefully to patients can be very valuable in their diagnosis and treatment. Even surgeons, specialists, and medical researchers need good human interaction skills.

When you go to your interview at a Medical School, you will have a lot to prove. Demonstrating skills to listen well to your interviewer is often overlooked and overlooked by anyone who wants to know how to study medicine outside of Brazil.

But make no mistake: these are essential skills to become a doctor. Avoiding the trap of simply “talking” to your interviewee, showing confidence and belief in your goals, showing that you have a permanent commitment, and being aware of the decision to be a doctor will put you at a great advantage over your competitors.

Starting your process

If you want to know how to study medicine outside Brazil at the best universities globally, following all the processes already known and decoded by Steinberg’s expertise, get in touch now to make an assessment.

It will be a great pleasure to accompany you along this path!

Medicine is one of the most prestigious and recognized careers in the world. Learning it takes not only time and dedication but effort and a large investment of money. Many countries offer this career. However, studying medicine in the United States would be the best option because it is the main university.

This career requires the most research, not only when you are studying, but even after graduating. This is because new medical events emerge every day. Therefore, below we will see some topics that will be useful if you want to study medicine in the United States.

Advantages of studying medicine in the USA

The United States is characterized by being a country that offers quality education in its stages and university careers. Therefore, studying medicine will bring us more reputation than doing it in countries where education is deficient.

Likewise, there are highly trained teachers in each area and dedicated to the students, as with the best system of learning and discipline.

By studying medicine in the United States, you will have the opportunity to educate yourself with the most advanced technology that can exist anywhere in the world. The latest innovations and discoveries in drugs and surgical procedures originate here.

Also, studying this career helps us master the English language much more, which is of utmost importance in any resume, as it adds more value to it.

Disadvantages of studying medicine in the US

Studying medicine is a synonym of dedication to the career, which is why studying it in the United States makes it stronger. Since one of the biggest drawbacks is the language barrier, this represents a great obstacle for those who master another language, learning to communicate very well through the English language.

It also takes time to get into the best medical colleges. This is due to the piles of applications, in addition to all the requirements, such as the visa and the money that must be paid.

Not forgetting that being a long career, we will be busy studying for a long time, which will take us away from our family and friends. In addition to the physical exhaustion that we will have with the practices that we carry out.

Another disadvantage is that in the United States, most cities are very large, so unless you study at a university with accommodation, you must choose a nearby residence to arrive early.

Likewise, it is necessary to have health insurance since medical expenses are excessively expensive in that country. In addition, everything related to university studies represents high costs.

Requirements to study medicine in the United States

Studying medicine in the United States is different from many countries around the world. First, a “Bachelor’s Degree” must be passed, that is, a Bachelor’s degree in pre-medicine, Chemistry, Biology, or Natural Sciences. Which lasts for four years.

Then, we must take the Medical School Admission Test (MCAT), which is a test that determines if we are eligible to enter the selected School of Medicine. This is carried out on a computer and reviews a person’s knowledge about science, verbal, and written ability.

Once the MCAT and the “Bachelor’s Degree” have been approved, we will enter the chosen School of Medicine. Afterward, we can take the Residency, which lasts from two to three years, and carry out a specialization of two to four years, depending on if we wish.

If you are interested in the specific topic of how long a medical degree lasts in the United States, you can read this post.

Study medicine in the United States for foreigners

Generally, most foreigners who seek to study medicine in the United States have an inferior educational system in their country. Others do not have the resources to leave but are attracted by scholarships.

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The requirements to enter a university in the United States for foreigners are the same as for anyone who lives there. That is, have a Bachelor’s degree in pre-medicine, pass the MCAT exam, and start studying.

However, there are some obstacles to studying medicine in the United States, such as not having money to pay for books, accommodation in the country, annuities, necessary documents, among others.

Despite all this, it is not impossible to enter a medical college in the United States. Therefore, we must try to have a good academic performance, good grades, and good behavior, and thus try to gather the missing documents to qualify for a quota.

Price, how much does it cost to study medicine in the United States?

Medicine is not only one of the longest careers but one of the most expensive. However, it is one of the best paid. Therefore, depending on the university where you study, its cost increases. And more if it is a private and prestigious academy.

Even when studying in a public university or with a scholarship, this does not guarantee that we will not have expenses since medical books are very expensive. Likewise, if we choose a private faculty, we will have a greater outlay of money due to the cost of tuition and the payment of annuities.

However, private universities are more expensive than others due to the excellent education system they offer. Therefore, studying medicine in the United States depends a lot on the university you choose.

If we choose the best university in the United States, Harvard, we could pay up to $ 60,000 a year. Instead, if we select Yale University, it would be $ 42,000. This is still a high amount, but because they are prestigious schools and an excellent educational system, they increase their price.

This, together with the annual value of the student’s accommodation that can vary between $ 10,000, books and personal expenses $ 3,700, tuition and annuity, which depends on each university, among other expenses.

Best Universities to Study Medicine in the USA

When it comes to being the best prepared in our career, studying at the right university is ideal. However, we must pay a high price for it. Therefore, below we will see how much it costs to study medicine in the United States, in the best schools.

First, Harvard University was created in 1782, the most prestigious School of Medicine in the United States. To know the amount of what it costs to study there, we must know how many credits we will see. However, this value is around $ 60,000.

In the second place, there is the Johns Hopkins University, established in 1876; it is the second most qualified academy to study medicine. Their costs are between $ 46,000.

Third, there is “Stanford University,” that is, Stanford University. Whose price to stay there is between $ 42,000. In fourth place, there is the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), whose value ranges between $ 36,000.

There is also Yale University, whose amount is between $ 46,000. Columbia University, for which you have to pay around $ 44,000 to be there. New Jersey Institute of Technology, which is between $ 15,000. It should be noted that all these amounts are annual.

As you can see in the post of The best universities globally to study medicine, a few of these American study houses are among the main in the world.

Scholarships to study medicine in the United States

Whether you are inside or outside the United States, you can opt for a scholarship to study medicine. Although these programs are not so common, some are mostly assigned to people whose countries are developing. So many are paid in full, while others are partially paid.

Obtaining a full scholarship means that the student will be exonerated with the expenses of the passage to the United States, as well as their tuition at the selected university, annuities, academic expenses, and accommodation in that country whether we are going to study a new year of medicine or a graduate degree.

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To obtain a medical scholarship in the United States, you should always contact the selected university and its financial support program. These are projects created precisely for international students.

When studying medicine in the United States, we can choose between different scholarships. Each one has a different application process because while one may ask you to fill out a form and send your notes, others ask you to prove that you know how to play a sport.

First are academic scholarships offered to both US-born and foreign-born students with excellent records and good academic performance. The second is sports, granted to students who develop sports such as swimming, basketball, tennis, athletics, soccer, and golf.

There are also scholarships for health care providers awarded to students who are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate medical plan. There is support also offered by “The American College of Surgeons” to surgeons from various countries.

Dr. James L. Hutchinson and Evelyn Ribbs Hutchinson School of Medicine also offers scholarships to students who are about to enter the School of Medicine, and many other faculties promise them.

Tips for you to study medicine in the United States

Many times the process of choosing a career and starting to study it, and more medicine, which requires so many years, can be complex. So below, we will see the best way to go through all that progress.

If you want to study medicine in the United States, you should start researching the university where you want to do it yourself. In which city is it located, if it is very expensive if it has a financial support system (if needed), does it host students in its facilities or do you have to find your own place to live, etc.

Second, never opt for a single university. Apply to several of your preference because it is possible that you will not be selected in some or that the faculty will not offer you what you really were looking for.

Third, it is advisable to find someone knowledgeable in this type of admission process. You may be a graduate student from that university, or you may still be studying medicine.

Fourth, it helps a lot to get into college doing extracurricular activities. America’s universities look for students who always go above and beyond, even excellent grades. Therefore, it would be good to volunteer, play an instrument, practice a sport, etc.

Also, it is recommended to carefully examine the requirements to enter the selected faculty so that we do not miss any data when trying to enter and reinforce the English that we know or study it if we do not understand the language.

Something that cannot be overlooked is the student visa issue, which you must process in time so that you do not have any inconvenience when traveling to start cases.

Is it worth studying medicine in the United States?

Although the United States is one of the countries with the best universities to study medicine and excellent colleges in general, you should think carefully before studying there. Not only will it be your career for life, but you will have a 360-degree change in everything.

You must consider the high costs of just living in the United States, academic expenses, study material, tuition, annuities, among others. Since we should likely study at a private university because getting a scholarship is not impossible, it is always difficult.

In this way, we must think about what is best for us. Analyze how much we would spend on residence annually in our country, compared to the US Thus with each of the university expenses and observe which country offers a better education.

Although despite all the expenses and sacrifices that we would make, the one who defines whether it is worth studying medicine in the United States would be the student, that is you.

Everything will depend on your determination and desire to succeed. If you try hard enough and really want this, you will surely achieve it.


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