American University gives scholarship to go to college in the United States for free


If you want to go to college in the United States for free, stay tuned: American University has open enrollment for its “Emerging Global Leader” scholarship program. The program is aimed at international students who want to graduate in the United States on a scholarship basis.

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The university offers courses in several areas such as lawcommunication, administration, international relations, artseconomicspsychology, and neuroscience. The scholarship is intended for students who wish to return to their country of origin and are dedicated to social change. Registration for the scholarship to graduate from American University runs through January 15.

To apply to the University of Washington, DC program to go to college in the United States for free, you need to apply for the normal program: sending proof of proficiency, academic record, and motivation letters. The good news is that the SAT or ACT, standardized tests normally required by American universities, are not required to apply for the scholarship! Which makes the process a lot easier.

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To be able to subscribe, it is necessary:

  • Not having started university studies (in the United States or their home countries)
  • Having the intention to return to your country of origin after the course to cause impact and social change
  • Have great grades in high school and be among the top 10% of students in your class
  • Have English proficiency proven by TOEFL or IELTS, or Duolingo
  • Have at least $ 4,000 a year to cover living costs in the U.S. (which are not covered by the grant – and we explain below)

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About the scholarship to go to college in the USA for free

If you don’t know, graduating in the United States is very expensive, and very few people go to college in the United States for free! The American University scholarship covers all tuition costs (about $ 70,000!), Accommodation, and food, which are the highest costs of studying in the United States. The $ 4,000 annually that applicants must prove they have is to be spent on health insurance, airline tickets, visa expenses, and other costs that are not covered by the scholarship and are the student’s responsibility. The scholarship can be renewed for four years if the student maintains good academic performance.

Myths about going to college in the USA

If you have any questions about the selection process or the documentation that should be sent, contact us at  [email protected].

What is it like to go to college in the United States for free?

The Augusta Saraiva writes here in exchange departed. Besides being part of the Youth Ambassadors Program, I go to college in the United States for free with a full scholarship at Northwestern University. She writes regularly here to talk about what life is like for college students in the USA, give tips on how to get help to study in the USA, and much more. See all Augusta’s posts on Party to learn more about what it’s like to go to college in the United States for free.

Mentorship of the Departed Exchange

It is worth remembering that this scholarship is not valid for those who have graduated or have left high school for a long time. For older people and want to go to college in the USA, the best solution is to find community colleges. Another golden tip is to check out our complete playlist about studying in the USA on Youtube.

See the public notice of the scholarship.

Understand which documents serve to prove the 4 thousand dollars


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