Medical Research Results For Sun Ancon Chi Machine


Flinders University, Adelaide (some portion of Australia’s Department of Health, Faculty of Health Sciences School of Medicine) built up a clinical exploration venture beginning June 15, 2000, in line with Hsin Ten Enterprise Australia. The task was intended to investigate the advantages of the Chi Machine, particularly for those experiencing Secondary Lymphoedema and Venous Oedema, however the outcomes likewise indicated an improved state of the individuals with no clinical issues taking an interest in the examination.

The venture was lead by Professor Neil Piller, one of the world’s driving lymphologists, who has introduced and distributed more than 300 works and is unequivocally dedicated to training and mindfulness programs. He was helped by a group of exceptionally proficient individuals during the clinical preliminary including: Ms Amanda Moseley (Research Officer) – Mr Adrian Esterman (Biostatistician and Clinical Epidemiologist) Associate Professor Colin Carati (Anatomist) – Mr Brian Bridger (Bio-clinical Engineer) Dr Jack Walsh (Vascular Surgeon) – Dr Stephen Birrell (Surgeon).

Auxiliary Lymphoedema of the legs influences 30% of individuals after medical procedure and radiotherapy. Venous Oedema influences 5% of the grown-up populace. Both outcome in expanding, distress and can meddle with the personal satisfaction. Ordinary treatment is costly and continuous, with minimal patient control. There is nothing but bad solution for either condition.

The objective of the investigation was to discover and test the viability of a treatment that would be helpful, reasonable, successful and ready to enable victims.

Venous Oedema Patients:

The members were both male and female with a normal age of 59 years. Over half of them had issues in the two legs because of varicose veins, vascular sickness and past (not dynamic) profound vein apoplexy.

Optional Lymphoedema Patients:

The members were both male and female, their lymphoedema being dominatingly caused through malignant growth medical procedure identified with gut, cervical, prostate disease or melanoma. Over 45% had lymphoedema in the two legs.

The two gatherings by and large proceeded with different medicines simultaneously, for example, bolster stockings, rub treatment, laser treatment and straightforward height.

What the examination comprised of:

a) Patients were enrolled through publicizing and out-tolerant centers.

b) Trial included 20 typical members.

c) Machines were brought home and utilized for 3 weeks utilizing the accompanying system:

– 5 minutes in the first part of the day and 5 minutes toward the evening for the initial 2 days;

– 8 minutes in the first part of the day and 8 minutes in the early evening time beginning the third day through the seventh;

– 12 minutes in the first part of the day and 12 minutes in the early evening time beginning the eighth day through the 21st.

d) Objective estimations were taken week by week and one month follow up post treatment.

About 2,000 information pieces were gathered from every patient previously, during and after each visit.

What estimations were taken and how:

a) Questionnaires: People were asked how their legs felt and how this influenced a mind-blowing nature.

b) Tonometry: The hardness of the tissue was estimated.

c) Perometry: The leg outline and liquid volume was estimated.

d) Bioimpedence: The body organization and the liquid inside the legs were broke down.

e) Lymphoscintigraphy: The lymphatic framework work was assessed.

f) Blood pressure, beat, blood test, blood stream were estimated.

Exploration RESULTS:

Advantages individuals can hope to get from utilizing the Sun Ancon Chi Machine are recorded underneath.

Results for individuals with no clinical issues:

1. A slight decrease in liquids to the appendages. The gathering with ordinary solid legs encountered a decrease of 1.52 oz/45 ml in liquids over the multi week time span.

2. A decrease in weight. The gathering with typical solid legs lost a normal of 1.32 lb/0.6 kg more than three weeks. This is a noteworthy sum over such a little period.

3. A decrease in rate muscle to fat ratio.

Results for individuals with auxiliary lymphoedema because of lymph harm and those with venous oedema through venous inadequacy:

1. A huge decrease in appendage volume and outline. Extra-cell liquid for the gathering with auxiliary lymphoedema fell over the multi week time frame. At the one month follow up the liquids had risen however were not back to their unique levels.

2. A noteworthy loss of oedema liquid from the appendages. The gathering with venous oedema encountered a decrease of 14.87 oz/440 mls in leg liquid over the multi week time frame. Albeit liquid levels had expanded at the one month development, they were not back to their unique levels.

3. A huge loss of weight. Normal weight reduction for the gathering with venous oedema was 3.19 lb/1.45 kgs over the multi week time span. This stayed stable at the one month development. Of those with optional lymphoedema, normal weight reduction was 1.10 lb/0.5 kgs and this stayed stable at the one month development.

4. A decrease in rate muscle to fat ratio.

5. An improvement in lymphatic waste. Lymphoscintigraphy indicated a stamped improvement in lymphatic capacity.

6. A huge improvement in emotional side effects. Most members announced a decrease in torment, snugness, greatness, skin dryness, appendage size contrast, issues, a tingling sensation, consuming inclination and temperature distinction.

7. A fulfillment with the treatment and an improvement in the personal satisfaction. Most members (88%) were happy with the treatment system. There were clear enhancements with the sentiment of control members had over their condition, their scope of development, the positive effect they encountered with day by day life, and an expansion in their capacity to work out.


The finish of Professor Piller and Flinders Medical University in the wake of breaking down the total information is that utilized consistently, the Chi Machine has extraordinary potential in wellbeing upkeep and sickness the executives for the individuals who experience the ill effects of Secondary Lymphoedema and Venous Oedema of the legs.

Considering the significant expense of customary medicines for optional lymphoedema and venous oedema, the Chi Machine is a modest, powerful and advantageous other option. For individuals with no ailments, the Sun Ancon Chi Machine offers an approach to get in shape and muscle to fat ratio without the need to pay for rec center participations or to embrace illogical, demanding activity systems.


The broad exploration embraced by Flinders University outlines the responsibility Hsin Ten has to the client. This noteworthy examination has isolated Hsin Ten and the Sun Ancon Chi Machine from organizations delivering impersonation machines.

– The Sun Ancon Chi Machine is the ONLY Chi Machine to be upheld by great logical and clinical exploration.

– Never previously (or since) has any college really supported an item like this.

– Everyone experienced advantages, not simply optional lymphoedema and venous oedema patiens.

– Flinders University has autonomously created 3 booklets specifying the exploration results and laying out the states of auxiliary lymphoedema, venous oedema and patient follow-up tributes.

– The Sun Ancon Chi Machine is currently perceived as a clinical gadget by the Australian Therapeutic Goods organization dependent on the quality of the examination results, just as in Japan and Canada.

– No impersonation Chi Machine can guarantee indistinguishable advantages from the Sun Ancon Chi Machine as sketched out in the exploration results.


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